NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III takes in Desert Bowl V at Dubai Sports City

posted on March 18, 2017

The NFL quarterback, who played with the Cleveland Browns last season, was hard to miss in the stands at Dubai Sports City Friday, as a constant stream of kids and fans surrounded him to ask for pictures and autographs.

Griffin III, No2 pick in the 2012 draft, was more than generous with his time as he accepted request after request, while also ceremoniously doing the coin toss for the Junior Varsity and men’s game.

EAFL general manager Dustin Cherniawski was thrilled to have Griffin III be part of the experience and hailed Desert Bowl V as “a great success”.

“It was purely coincidence,” Cherniawski said. “He happened to be in town and we asked him if he’d mind coming out and watching and he said ‘hey I’d love to come anyway’. So he’s been a great sport and he came out here to support the local football league, watch and offered to participate with the coin toss, which was unbelievable. That really added a special touch to the day, so we’re very grateful to him for that. We wish him all the best when he gets back to the United States.”

Griffin III was released last week by the Browns following a single season with the franchise and is currently a free agent.


Jay Asser - Sport360