Q&A with Coach Kyle Jordan

posted on November 26, 2015

Age: 41

Home Town: Cincinnati, OH

Years coaching experience: 5

Biggest football influence: My high school coach, John Sabatalo, who was not only great on the Xs and Os, but was a shaper of men.  He taught commitment, integrity, responsibility, respect, the value of hard work, taking pride in your work and playing with maximum effort.  He emphasized talking with our play not with your mouth – you make a big play, you head back to the huddle and get ready for the next play. 

Player you liken yourself to past or present: Although I played Wide Receiver, I was a Free Safety at heart.  I played with a Ronnie Lott mentality, coming up from 12 yards deep with a full head of speed.  Sometimes I missed due to being out of control, but when I hit you, it was a collision and you stayed hit. 

Favorite NFL player: Troy Polamalu – although getting on in years and not the player he once was, he still leaves everything he has on the field in every game he plays in. He’s proof that in this sport, respect is earned through your play and how you conduct yourself rather than through self-promotion.

Favorite NFL team: Cincinnati Bengals

Leaders on your team: Alex Rodriguez, Zavier Cobb, Samer Omar, John Holets, Michael Hinge and Michael Andersen

Favorite non-Barracudas players: Davion Miller (Dubai Stallions) - he’s a workhorse, a grinder and his feet don’t stop, so it takes at least two or three players to bring him down. Corey Williams (Abu Dhabi Wildcats) – phenomenal receiver and athlete, great body control when he’s in the air, and he refuses to quit.  Bobby Admire (Abu Dhabi Wildcats) - a great nose for the ball, seems to be in on every tackle and plays full speed - laying wood when he hits guys. 

Three dinner guests: Barack Obama, Dave Chappelle and Thomas Friedman.